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A photo from each month of the last year of the teens

This year I turned 40!

I took this photo of a pear left over from a market in Paris on my birthday.


In Janurary, I’d started to recognise petrol stations on the road between London and my parents’ home in the countryside, what a border that kerb lies on.

We’ve spent a lot of our weekends with my parents, the countryside has been a welcome escape from the hectic life of the city.In April I finally signed our divorce papers and on the same day, I got involved with Extinction Rebellion.

By the beginning of May I found myself photographing hundreds of hand made banners and reuniting them on the London Baggage Reclaim this is the eponymous Ben Ben and I standing on our heads to spice up the repetitiveness of photography.In June Nikki and I spent plenty of time in the park, ahh typing from this mid-winter’s evening I long for the summer.
The summer! Poppy and Dalia are flying a kite with July’s sun blazing towards the horison. I liked the way the rays of the sun are almost parallel to the kite string and their shadows. When you fly a kite there’s this sense that you’re touching the sky. You’re feeling what it’s like up there in the same way you feel the sun.
I met many wonderful people this year and here are some of the greatest of them. We squatted an old snooker hall in Stokey in August I won’t name them but … hey guys!
Here’s another wonderful person I met through XR  livestreaming to Facebook here after days, I think this was September..
And this is October outside court in Uxbridge, I have a drawing from the courtroom. I should scan and upload some drawings…. hmmm whatever happened to that life drawing idea…I’d like  to do more drawing.
Autumn came with less sadness than last year I can say from the safe side of Christmas! I don’t know how well this blue November sky hides a plane, because I took the photo and can’t unsee where it is..
I was so happy to spend Christmas with the kids this year we went to Sweden here they are at the funfair!

Now it’s 2020 and it feels no different to 2019, just like I feel exactly the same as I did last year when I was 39.

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