“If we don’t urgently change our way of life, we jeopardize life itself.” – Antonio Guterres UN secretary general

What do calls for rapid and deep change mean to you?

To me they sound ominous. But are they?

A couple of things happened recently which meant I needed to do something that – were I to tell you – would sound very unpleasant. However actually doing those things was beyond pleasant; they were rewarding, enriching even!

My point is this: I know it sounds like using Wild Sweet William* (Soapwort) to wash your hair instead of shampoo would be a bit of an ordeal, but in reality it was a fantastic experience.

To hopefully illustrate this, I made a video of myself and used the opportunity to do a little bit of science experiment! I had quite a drastic haircut halfway through the first part of the experiment, therefore I am going to restart it now that variable has changed! So, if only for posterity’s sake I’ll be uploading a video of me washing my hair with Wild Sweet William here soon.

I am going to be growing my first crop this year! More on that another time…

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