Cold showers and how to enjoy them.

tl;dr Easy does it.

In my post If we don’t urgently change our way of life, we jeopardize life itself I wrote about how some things seem like an ordeal, but when you do them they’re surprisingly, deeply rewarding. Well cold showers are like that too!…

Here’s how I take them…

The first step is to appreciate that a cold shower is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have. Irrespective of all the rewards they bring, they just make you feel absolutely great! If you haven’t enjoyed cold showers before, I’m happy to be introducing this technique to you it’s basically just taking things slow and acclimatising. It’s also worth bearing in mind the extreme level of exhilaration you experience will wear off after the first few times, so enjoy them while they last!

the first time I tried to take a cold shower, in the only way I thought possible: Jumping straight under, or a quick bit at the end

I’m confident using this technique will mean that you don’t find yourself gasping for air and blaspheming in a squeaky voice, as I did the first time I tried to take a cold shower, in the only way I thought possible: Jumping straight under, or a quick bit at the end, ie the shock method. If you do find yourself gasping for air using this technique, I’d suggest that you try reducing the water pressure and don’t feel the need to rush. It usually takes me about 6 minutes to reach my back, and in total this takes me about 10 minutes. Initially it was more like 15. 

The first thing I do is to prepare for getting out. Always start at the end!

I took a hot shower recently for the first time in ages!

I have found I don’t need moisturiser after, and cold showers are absolutely the best way of getting clean. I took a hot shower recently for the first time in ages! I felt like I used to feel when getting out of a hot bath, kinda clammy. Not 100% clean, and when I sniffed my armpits I could smell the fresh perspiration like I always used to. Now I’m surprised to say I think I actually prefer cold showers. 

Once I’m ready to get out, the second thing I do is get in! I take the shower head off the wall and turn the cold tap on very slowly. More than just a trickle but just low enough for it to start spraying. 

I start alternating between washing my hands and feet, and work the lather up my limbs towards my torso. Early-on I splash my face, back and neck with a little fresh water and then get plenty of soap in all my hairy places to work its magic while I get on with the rest of my body. Sometimes I notice the warmth my hands are experiencing, rather than the cold my body is feeling. (If the weather/room is warm, this seems less noticeable.) I continue soaping towards my torso and eventually up my neck to my face and hair, as usual in the shower. I’ll turn the tap off once my whole body is wet hang up the shower head in its wall holder and carry on washing. This would be when I’d shampoo my hair however I use alternatives. Once I’m all soapy, its time to rinse.

I turn the water on again slightly higher pressure now and it feel less cold this time. I ease myself gently into the stream over about 30 seconds starting with my face and shoulders then rinse my hair by leaning forward so the water doesn’t go down my back. Then finally my back, which is the hardest part for me. I can imagine it might be the face or hair for other people.

If you don’t have a shower holder on the wall there’s no point in turning off the tap while you lather up, but it does save water.

I’ll stand there under the shower for maybe a minute or two more and finish rinsing. It’s at this point I might increase the water pressure but I generally don’t because I am restricted by the size of the water tanks on my boat. I wonder what another 5 minuets under there would feel like…

Once I’m done I just stand there dripping dry. Almost immediately l start to feel this wave of warmth and exhilaration come over me. It’s indescribable but you’ll have heard people talk about it no doubt. For hours afterwards I continue to feel great.

I can honestly say I think I’ll be taking cold showers for the rest of my life!

Have you ever tried a cold shower? Have you tried this technique? Do you have any questions? Let me know! 

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