How might the pandemic affect your appointment?

The first thing I want you to know is that (although I can’t be certain – as there are no antibody tests at present) I’m sure I’ve had COVID-19 between February and March 2020. I’m behaving as if I had it and I’m aware it’s possible to get it again, so when I start cutting hair again, I will be taking precautions not to get or spread it.

In anticipation of early July’s lockdown easing I am currently preparing a risk assessment and will include details of further mitigating actions I’ll be taking in that.

I anticipate there will be mandatory use of face masks and I’m planning to clean all my tools more thoroughly between clients. I’ll probably request that clients provide their own gown, towel or covering to protect themselves from cuttings. I keep myself informed mainly via the uk government website directly but I also refer to the guidance provided by the fha, the nhbf and other industry bodies on a regular basis. If you have any special adjustments you’d like me to make for you I’d be happy to hear them.

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