Covid Risk Assessment v2.0

Red and grey illustration of a magnified coronavirus and a warning sign

1 Introduction

  • This update replaces Covid Risk Assessment v1.0. Thanks to some great feedback this version is a little more concise, the structure of the five sections remains the same

2 Comparison with a salon

  • In contrast to a salon, I work with a very small kit which I am able to entirely disinfect with surgical visiting before and after each client.
  • Being a cyclist, I do not travel on public transport which minimizes my exposure.
  • As you do not need to make the journey to the salon you also minimize your exposure.
  • Visiting clients one at a time allows me to be able to track and trace much more precisely, whereas in a salon you are mixing with a large number of other people.

3 What I’ll do

  • As mentioned, I’ll arrive by bicycle which minimizes the contact I have compared to using taxis/public transport.
  • Wear a face covering by default and other PPE at your request while I am with you to minimize our exposure to one another.
  • Leave my coat, bag, etc. at the door and bring only a very small kit which I sanitize between clients, consisting of:
    • Scissors
    • Comb
    • Water Spray
    • 2 Metal Hairclips
    • Surgical Spirit Spray
    • Nylon Gown
    • Manual Clippers (optional)
  • Follow up after 7 and 14 days asking that you confirm that nobody in your household has developed symptoms.
  • I will NOT use gloves because I need to be able to sense the hair’s tension with my skin, to be able to cut it properly however I will wash my hands immediately before and after cutting your hair.
  • I will NOT use
    • Brushes
    • Razor
    • Hairdryer
    • Any other equipment
    • unless we explicitly agree beforehand, on an individual basis, during our consultation.

4 What I’ll ask of you

  • That you read this risk assessment (thank you for making it this far!)
  • That we book a virtual consultation in advance, via email, chat, telephone, video call, or in combination.
  • Confirm there is nobody in the household who is isolating or has been advised to shield.
  • Give us exclusive use of the room where we cut your hair.
  • Wear a mask during my visit however, there will be times when I’ll need you to remove it.
  • I’ll ask you do NOT to offer me any food or drink. But thanks though!!

5 Conclusion

  • Thank you for reading this rather dull part of my website!  Thanks also for the feedback from version 1.0 which I’ve incorporated in v2.0. Let’s hope there’s no need for a version 3, but, please do leave a comment below if you have feedback you’d like to share.

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