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Wild Sweet William

Drawing of Soapwort stem, leaves and white/pinkpetals
Saponaria officinalis

Also known as Soapwort, Saponaria officinalis is great for very oily hair. It still commonly used today in textile preservation as it has been for centuries. It’s simple to prepare and strong. I would recommend starting with a very weak solution. If you would like me to coach you with foraging, preparation or application, please make a booking enquiry.


Urtica dioica

Nettle has the ability to give hair shine and is as simple to prepare as Wild Sweet William. It is much more abundant but much more tricky to forage! Look-out for a nettle foraging event or make a booking enquiry to request information.

Other plants

There are many other plants that have for centuries been used to clean and treat hair, henna is perhaps the most commonly known one. I’ll be writing more about other plants soon, probably starting with something about pomade which comes from the french word for apple. Please leave a comment if you have anything you’d like to ask or let me know about related to plants and hair.